"It's difficult to put in words how grateful we are that we found Vovo's daycare. After staying at home for 2 years with my daughter, it was time to start working again and I was very nervous to let anyone else take care of her. We visited several places but Vovo's was the clear winner from the first time we met her, her staff and her family. Our daughter quickly adapted to her new environment and never wanted to leave when I picked her up! I can only attribute this to the constant outpouring of love that she and the other children got. This is more than a daycare. It's family. For our daughter, it was her second home. Some of the highlights for us were the nutritious and delicious home cooked meals, yoga lessons, trips to the park and library, art projects and lots and lots of time for free play and creative expression. I also personally loved the hugs I got from Vovo and her family! I had the fortune to be able to pick my daughter up early on most days and I was able to watch how the staff and children all interacted with each other. The children clearly trusted and loved the adults and the adults clearly loved and respected the children. We were so happy with the care our daughter received that we kept her at Vovo's until she went to kindergarten. The life lessons she learned there were invaluable. She adores young children and nurtures them the same way I watched Vovo nurture the children. We couldn't be more thankful for our experience there and will keep going to the amazing Halloween parties they have every year!"
- Amanda H. and Tim H.

"Vovo's Day Care is amazing! Our son was there for about a year and a half, and even though he is now at preschool, he still asks to go back and visit all the time. I can't imagine a warmer, more loving environment - Vovo treats each child like he or she is her own. She is so loving, kind, patient, and wise. She makes the most amazing homemade meals every day. The kids eat so well - they all love her food. They go to the park every day and play outside all the time. The kids also develop really lovely friendships with each other, which are super sweet and such good experience for socialization. I couldn't be happier with our experience there - I feel so lucky to have been a part of Vovo's family and have her as part of ours. "
- Krista B. and John T.

"All 3 of my children went to Vovo's (we were there for 6 years!) and I could not be more grateful. Vovo treated each of my children with the love, attention, and affection as if they were her own. Despite always having many children around, going to Vovo's for pick-ups and drop-offs was always calm and organized -- her presence alone was enough to instill a constant sense of warmth and contentment. In addition to providing a loving place for little ones to grow and mature, Vovo also provided home-cooked food -- lovely on its own and a life-saver for busy parents! We thought about other options -- centers, nanny shares -- but Vovo's provided the community we wanted for us and our children, without feeling sterile or having too many rules and restrictions. We are truly blessed to have been able to have Vovo help us raise our children. Our entire family still thinks of Vovo, her family, and her home often and we all (including many Vovo families) continue to stay in touch. "
- Jolanka and Luke N.

"Vovoís daycare was a dream come true! From day one we knew that our son Jude would be in the most loving, caring hands with Vovo and her talented staff. Jude adored going to Vovoís ó it truly felt like we were leaving him with family. We canít say enough good things about the tender, attentive care that the children receive at Vovoís. "
- Marisa B.

"Vovo's Daycare was fantastic for our kids and our family, we could not offer a stronger recommendation. Alia and Desi are so caring and compassionate, it felt like a home away from home for both of our boys who attended their daycare. It was comforting dropping of our kids somewhere knowing they were safe, happy, going to learn and have fun. We still go back and visit, they're like a part of our family."
- Brian H. and Becca W.

"Vovo's Daycare is truly a special place and we cannot recommend it highly enough. Our son started going to Vovo's when he was nine months old and stayed for nearly two years. Alia treated our son (and us!) like family. She creates a very calm and nurturing space where all of the kids feel safe and loved. Alia provides delicious, home-cooked and healthy meals for the kids. This was so helpful for us as working parents to not have to worry about packing snacks and lunches each morning. The kids also get plenty of outdoor time and make daily art projects to bring home. The daycare really feels like a community, and we have become good friends with several of the other families. We had a wonderful experience at Vovo's and feel really lucky to have discovered it."
- Erin R. and Jason R.

"Our daughter attended Vovo's daycare for the past ~1.5 years (since she was little more than 2yr) throughout our stay in Berkeley and our son for the last eight months (he started when he was 9 months old).We feel tremendous gratitude for Alia and Desi for taking such a loving care of our kids. From the day one, our kids received a lot of hugs and attention they required. Desi and Alia made their daycare second home to our kids. Our daughter developed from a shy and not really social kid, to a playful and outgoing child. Now at age three she knows and writes all the letters and can read and write most numbers. Our son runs into the daycare every morning. They both enjoy Tuesday yoga classes. We felt that everything at Vovo's daycare was superb, from cleanness of the house to everyday cooked meals, which start with rice and beans, followed by steamed veggies, chicken nuggets/baked salmon and finish with yogurt. Throughout the day kids get fresh fruits and occasional snack. As we are leaving the Bay Area we wonder if we will ever be able to find similar childcare option for our kids, and we will greatly miss Alia and Desi."
- Irena S.

"I started my 18 month old son at Vovo's Daycare in November 2009 and started my 3 month old daughter in May 2011. I had visited a few family daycares that I thought my work for my son but, when I walked into Vovo's, I knew instantly that this was going to be the right place. Vovo creates a wonderful environment for small children and brings warmth, experience, structure, and generosity to her work. Desi, Vovo's assistant, is equally loving, calm and consistent with the children. The children play, garden, sing, read, do art projects, and even have children's yoga taught by Vovo's daughter. Vovo cooks excellent healthy meals and makes specially prepared homemade baby food for my daughter's meals. She has seen us through teething, bottle strikes, ear infections. Nothing surprises her, and she never gets sick. Except for scheduled vacations, the daycare has not be closed a single day since we started in 2009. My son, who has recently started preschool, never wanted to leave Vovo's at the end of the day - he was always having too much fun. My daughter thinks of Vovo's as her second home. It can be hard to leave your children in someone else's care, but with Vovo, I always know that my children are with caregivers who have more experience and often better judgment than my own. Another great source of comfort is meeting the older children who, along with their parents, continue to come back to Vovo's to visit even though it's been years since they spent time in the daycare. We feel so lucky to have our children at Vovo's daycare and can't imagine what we would do without her!"
- Ann K.

"When we first walked into Vovo's Daycare, we were struck by how warm and comfortable it felt and how happy and engaged the kids seemed. We've now been there for almost two and a half years, since our older son was 5 months old, and we're so glad we trusted our first impressions. Vovo Alia and her helpers really understand how to make little kids feel at home, encourage creative play, and help them learn about things like sharing and cooperation. Our two boys love the delicious home-cooked food, fun activities like baby yoga, and spending time with their friends every day, and we all love the sensitive and loving attention they receive. We feel lucky to have our kids become part of Vovo's extended family!"
- Megan J. and Garth S.

"We feel so lucky to have Vovo and her family in our lives! Our son adores her and so do we. She cares for him as if he is one of her own children. The environment is safe and she provides fresh healthy home cooked meals every day! She always fills the day with many wonderful art projects as well as singing and story time. In addition to all of this, her daughter comes every week to teach the kids yoga. We can't say enough about our great experiences with Vovo. We highly recommend Vovo as a day care provider! "
- Tracy C.

"I was a first-time mom when I met Vovo, and nervous about leaving my 4 month old son in daycare. I soon learned to trust her completely, as she is a warm, caring woman with a deep and sincere love for children. The bond she and my son established continues to this day. Each child in her care is appreciated for the unique individual that they are, and treated with respect and kindness. Moreover, Vovo approaches her work with the utmost responsibility, recognizing that the trust parents place in her is not to be taken lightly. In addition to listening to your concerns, and sharing your childís day with you, she also has lots of fun with your kid, singing, playing and enjoying each special stage of their life. I recommend her without reservation."
- M. Burke

"We have sent our 15-month-old daughter to Vovo's for almost one year. Alia and her family are some of the warmest people you will ever meet. Alia truly loves and cares for the children, who are treated like family. She has cared for so many babies and children over the years so she knows exactly what she’s doing. She is generous with hugs and attention, and also manages to prepare healthy foods (mostly lentils, beans, rice, vegetables and fruit) and maintain a clean, calm environment in the house."
- Joanne M.

"Vovo's Daycare is an amazingly warm and caring place. My younger son went there for a year before kindergarten and was really happy. Now, my 2.5-year-old daughter is there and she couldn't be more content. Vovo and her helper, Desi, are affectionate, attentive, and engaging caregivers. Vovo makes delicious, home-cooked meals for the kids every day. The children play and learn in a structured environment, but also are encouraged in their independence as they grow. We are very happy with Vovo's daycare! "
- T. Marquardt

"We absolutely loved Vovoís daycare and canít recommend it highly enough. From the minute I walked in Vovoís and met Alia I knew I had found the perfect place for my son. She creates a wonderful nuturing and loving environment for both the children and parents. Dylan started at Vovoís when he was four months old and stayed until he was 3.5. Vovo supported us for every step of his development from motherís milk to first foods up to walking and potty training. He enjoyed music, art, yoga, books, free play time, group meals with Vovoís home cooked food, and plenty of outdoor time. We felt like part of the family."
- Jeannine E.

"I met Alia and Tati at a park and heard them speaking Portuguese, so we got to chatting about Brazil and their day care and that they had an opening for a child my daughters age coming up! I felt so lucky to get this spot when it opened up. I could not imagine a better day care for my daughter. They are so warm, the food looks healthy and delicious, and our daughter never wants to leave! Such a special and loving place."
- Heather M.